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About Design4Effect

Q: “With so many Web Builder options available, where do I start?

You could buy a book, take a course, or do a little web research, but by the time you learn what you’ll need to know, the opportunity may be gone.

You’ll save a whole lot of time and be off to a great head start if the first thing you do is contact an experienced professional. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation.

Web Sites
That Deliver!

We build systems from the ground up to deliver Divi Web Designs on WordPress CMS Systems in spectacular fashion.

From performance and presentation to conversions, we deliver a package, not pieces to be put together.

Our systems all run on the latest cPanel, and WordPress so that they can be archived or moved to any other cPanel server anytime.

Our Approach

We offer a free initial consultation where we discuss projects before getting started. We’re always open to ideas and only charge for projects we have begun.

We then build a framework where clients can visit the website while under construction and work together with us to complete it. During this time, we spend enough time training the client on how to use the system so that by the time the system is ready to go live, they understand creating, deleting, editing, and managing their website.

Our websites are built on the most popular web standards, so if there is ever a question, help is readily available. For technical support, we are always available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s business leaders by providing the tools they need to do business online that don’t require technical expertise to understand or tie them to a single SaaS provider.

Our Vision

A Level Playing Field

We already see new startups with refreshing approaches and some great ideas for new services to improve the lives of many.

We imagine new startups having the same opportunities as corporate giants with the same chance of achieving greatness.

Kent Lacroix

Kent Lacroix


The chief architect of Design4Effect and its associated services. Over 20 years of experience as lead developer and systems programmer in computer systems ranging from microcontrollers to business information systems.

Lisa Lacroix

Lisa Lacroix


Organizer and controller of all non-hardware-related operations that keep the company running smoothly. Extensive experience in accounting, taxation, and records management.

Sarah Lacroix

Sarah Lacroix

Client Relations

Task manager supreme with no signs of ever reaching full capacity. Sarah gets things done while making it look easy and is always looking forward to a new challenge.

D4E – Design4Effect

We are lifetime members of Elegant Themes as well as affiliates. If you make a purchase through a link on this website you may have just contributed to my success without costing you a dime.

And for your support, we thank you all.



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