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What do you get when you mix the most popular content management system on the internet with the greatest web design framework that has ever been created?

You get a total package that not only manages content but makes it look exceptional in every way, on every device from the smallest of smartphones to the largest of presentation displays.

The Tools You Need

You get the tools you need to promote your products and services without having to hire a graphic artist, web designer, or a content creator to do it.

The Freedom to Change

You get the freedom to change your website at any time and however often you want allowing you to keep your content fresh and up to date, and focused on any campaigns you might be planning.

The Envy of All!

You get a web presence that looks like a major investment and appears like you have a dedicated team of web professionals managing it. Who has to know how easy it actually is?

The Create It Yourself Dilemma

There must be over a dozen web services offering to give you the power to create your own web presence without the need for a graphic artist, web designer, or content creator. Its the new wave of web offerings… giving you “the power to create it yourself“.

They offer you templates, perhaps dozens of page layouts to choose from. They provide you with images and graphics  you can freely use to dress up your presentation. And they charge you a flat monthly fee so you can avoid the expense and time delays associated with bringing in a web designer every time you want to make changes. In theory, it gives you more control while saving you money. But what do you really get?

More of The Same Thing

First of all, actually creating the website turns out to be an exercise in frustration. You are working with a limited toolset, from a limited selection of page layouts, and offered a selection of graphic elements and images that are so over-used that it makes it impossible to generate anything unique that makes you stand apart from the rest.

If you ever stop to wonder why none of these easy-to-build websites get a decent ranking in the search listings it won’t take long to come to the conclusion that its because the created websites all look just like the dozens or even hundreds of others created on the same platform. One look, and you’ll be able to easily pick out almost every other website that has been created with the same platform.

How To Look Unique

First of all, you need web building tools with a lot more power than the simple offerings of turnkey providers, but you need those tools to be just as easy to use as the simple tools. This means that once your website has been designed and created, the only time you’ll need your designer back is when you want to make major changes to the site. Simply adding pages, products, or sections with the same look and feel of the rest of your website, is as easy as the click of a button.

The Simple Solution

What we are suggesting is that you let us work with you to design and build the foundadion of your website. Not another website thats more of the same, but a totally unique website that makes your products and services stand out from the rest.. think different!

Once your website has been designed and customized to uniquely make you stand out, you can continue to build and maintain it considering only the content you want to create and the message you want to deliver, not having to concern yourself with maintaining a consistent appearance.

We’ll be going into more details on the process as we build our own presentation. For now, start thinking about how you can take full advantage of the promotional power of the internet.

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