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A Canadian Web Design and Hosting Company with Global Reach

Our central operations and main hosting centers may be  in Canada, but our network spans a global reach.

DataCenter Upgrades

Customizing a web hosting platform for Divi designs required a lot more than just a few new landing pages with promises we can’t keep. It required a total restructure of the central intelligence, delivery system, and data storage geared towards dynamically built web pages that are delivered at static speeds. Every piece of hardware has been specifically chosen to optimize Divi power on a WordPress CMS.

We didn’t stop there, with the best and latest in the fastest available hardware we brought it to it’s full potential using the latest developments in server software from the Operating System right through to the sub-system services. Your code will compile in record time, be cached ready for instant delivery, and always available on any device.

Server Rack

Faster Servers

Moving up to the new generation of web servers we go from 3.3 GHz/4.5 GHz XEON CPUs with ECC 2666 MHz RAM to 3.5 GHz/4.7 GHz XEON servers with ECC 3200 MHz RAM and NVMe storage.
You get faster web hosting, on fresh servers.

Drive Array

Raid Storage

Raid 10 Storage offering full redundancy (multiple saved copies) and blazing speed (concurrent segmented reads) bringing you the satisfaction in knowing that raw speed doesn’t have to come at a cost to fault tolerance.

LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed Operating System

Leave Apache in the dust with LiteSpeed Servers better known as Speed Demons. When every millisecond counts and any delay in page delivery can cost you customers, you want to know your web service is always ready, and delivered in record time.

Total eMail Control

What if – instead of offering you a few dozen or even a few hundred mail boxes you’ll never use, we offered you total control of your own post office?

Would you know what to do with it?

Here we not only give you access to your own post office, but we show you how to make full effective use of it.

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