Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Aug 2, 2022

This document explains the “we, us, the site, this website” Privacy Policy describing how and why any personal information is gathered and used.

For the protection of Canadian consumers, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) requires all businesses to create a Privacy Policy explaining how and why any personal information is collected and used. Failing to publish such a privacy policy could put the businesses in violation of this important privacy law.

The Personal Information We Collect

Any personal information gathered by this website is done through voluntary submission by visitors to the site.

We do not share or accept shared personal information from other sources as we have no way to verify its authenticity or accuracy.

  • For normal unregistered visitors to the site, we collect no information other than anonymous statistics indicating the amount of traffic and the most popular pages.
  • For visitors who want to register to visit members-only areas, post comments, we require verified contact information (name and an email) so we can minimize abuse.
  • For businesses wanting to take advantage of our web design or hosting services, we require full details which includes address, phone, business name, and contact information. Although payment details are required to pay for services, those credit details are handled exclusively by a payment processor (ie Bank, or PayPal) and never saved in any fashion on the server or any networked database.

Generally speaking, we gather and use only the information required to perform any specific task.

We use a trouble ticketing system for reporting any problems or suspicious activity, and history is saved in a separate database in order to consolidate problems and improve our response.

We use a CRM for Customer Relations, but the associated data is inner office with very limited access.


We use cookies, but in order to stay on topic here we separated our Cookies Policy into its own document. See Cookie Policy for details.

Your Privacy Choices

PIPEDA grants consumers the following rights:

  • Access the personal information stored about them.
    Visitors can contact us at any time for a copy of all data stored about them.
  • Correct any inaccurate or outdated personal information held about them (or, if this is not possible, delete the inaccurate personal information).
  • Withdraw consent for any activities for which they have consented (e.g., direct marketing or cookies)

Over and above these minimum requirements we also allow visitors to request complete removal (expunge) of all data associated with them that uniquely identifies them (i.e., we can’t change any past statistics to adjust for the removal of any dataset.

How We Share Personal Information

The following are some examples of where visitor information might be shared and our policies:

  • Advertisers – We share no visitor information with any marketing agency. Any ads appearing on this website are in frames completely isolating them from site content.
  • Analytics – We do not use Google analytics because we are strongly against their data mining attitude and how it conflicts with GDPR guidelines. Instead, we have our own statistics system that provides us with the same details without sharing it with others. We do NOT profile visitors or clients.
  • Payment Processors – In order to use our external payment processors, me must pass certain information like a) Customer Name, b) total or item amounts. The payment processors in return share no information with us other than whether the payment successfully completed and a transaction number and amount.
  • Shipping Companies – We of course must share names and addresses with shippers or Canada Post for any shipments made.

Location of the Privacy Policy

At any place on this website where personal information may be collected, a link to any associated policies is shown in a prominent location.

This privacy policy, along with all legal policies of the website, can be found through the direct links titled by policy name in the footer of all pages found on this website.

Further Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy or any of our legal policies (complete list in footer of every page), please contact us at: